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Most people take vitamins and nutritional supplements without prescription or medical advice. Aware of this fact, we designed our web site to introduce our vitamins, proteins and herbal compounds, while enticing consumers to learn about nutritional supplements and seek for medical advice as needed. We make vitamins and nutritional supplements for men and women, addressing their individual concerns.

The FDA and the Nutritional Supplement Industry

It is well know that the FDA regulates the pharmaceutical industry. However, the nutritional supplement industry is regulated with minimum of government oversight. Thousands of nutritional supplements and vitamins are freely sold over-the-counter in supermarkets and drugstores.

By the FDA rules on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the nutritional supplement manufacturers should produce analysis of their production. Although the FDA prohibits claims on the nutritional supplements benefits on medical conditions, it is allowed claims referred to as "structure function", which can, somehow, mislead consumers. For instance, there are products sold for prostate health although, there may be no enough scientific evidence showing that a particular ingredient in the formulation is effective for the prostate.

Nutritional Supplements for Good Health

Despite that a number of nutritional supplements available in the market are ineffective, some vitamins and nutritional supplements are based on real studies and may offer benefits to patients. To summarize, the use of nutritional supplements requires careful consideration when applied to patients under drugs or medical condition. In addition, the right dose of each ingredient used in the nutritional supplement formulation is a key element to take advantage of nutritional supplements. Our nutritional supplements are formulated based on the most recent researches. We offer multivitamin, multimineral, and herbal compound to complement daily diet or medical treatment if that is the case.


When it comes to patient under the use of drugs, interactions between vitamins, nutritional supplements and prescription drugs must be considered. Such interaction may go unrecognized if the physician is unaware of the use of supplements by the patient. So, for the patient and for the physician, a broader understanding of the implications of nutritional supplement intake with other drugs must be encouraged.

Quality Nutritional Supplements

Our nutritional supplements are produced in certified facilities by the NSF-GMP. NSF is a not-for-profit organization that is the world leader in standards development and certification of nutritional supplements for public health and safety. NSF implements the highest standard of quality control for the nutritional supplements industry.

AmbioLife is not a mass production company. Our vitamins, protein, and nutritional supplements are carefully formulated based on scientific research.

Please, download our products brochure and browse our web site. Enjoy your visit.

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Our products are manufactured in facilities registered by the NSF-GMP. NSF International is the world's leader in standards development and product certification for the health industry.

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