How to Choose the Right Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin, Protein, and Minerals for a Healthy Life

The market for nutritional supplements is highly competitive making it difficult to choose the best buy for your hard-earned money. Most nutritional supplements are formulated for profit, not in your best interest. Therefore, you may think you are paying less, but in reality you are getting less. The cheapest product may be of no-benefit for your health. In addition to this, the information on nutritional supplements ingredients may be vague or not readily available for the consumers.

We set some information to help you to understand and to choose good nutritional supplements.

1. High-Potency Vitamins: What Does It Mean?

Choose high-potency nutritional supplements whenever is possible. High-potency means that the doses of 2/3 of the ingredients in the formulation are above the RDI (recommended daily intake). This number is expressed by a percentage over the RDI and it is shown in the Supplement Facts table as %DV (daily value). If that percentage is above 100%, it indicates that the quantity for that ingredient in the formulation is above the RDI; that means high potency. The RDI are the minimum amounts recommended not the optimum intake. There are however a few exceptions of this rule: one is for the vitamin A. Researchers have found that the RDI for the vitamin A, as retinol, which is synthetic form of vitamin A, is excessive, causing sometimes health problems. The RDI for the vitamin A is 5000IU. This has been considered excessive by the Noble laureate Linus Pauling. The best is to choose nutritional supplement of vitamin A, as retinol, at 3000IU or less.

2. Should I Choose "Chelate" or Non-chelate" Mineral?

Choose minerals in the form of chelate for they are 10 times more digestible than non-chelate minerals. Chelate means “ firmly attached” usually to an amino acid or other organic component so that the two do not disassociate in the digestive system. Look for the minerals bound to picolinate, citrate-maleate and aspartate, to choose.

3. Why Some Nutritional Supplements Are So Much Cheaper Than Others?

Maybe because of the competitiveness, some suppliers, to reduce cost, cheat on the ingredients doses and quality of the product. Who pays for that? - YOU.

4. Should I Take Vitamins & Minerals at All?

Our body does not absorb vitamins and minerals from supplements the same away it does from food. It is better to keep a healthy diet than only rely on nutritional supplements. However, in modern life we should realize that this is difficult to maintain. Our body needs supplementation to help fighting diseases, to help with high physical demand activities as in sports and physical exercises. For these reasons, nutritional supplements are recommended. However, you have to choose the right supplement or you will be wasting your money.

5. Should I Rely in One-Capsule Does It All?

The bottom line is that your body relies on a number of vitamins and minerals to work properly, to lose fat, to build muscle effectively, and to remain healthy. To ensure that your diet always meets, or exceeds, those requirements, choose vitamins and chelated mineral from high-quality nutritional supplements.

Please, realize that it is impossible to include all the ingredients your body needs, in a single capsule or pill of a nutritional supplement. You may need more than one nutritional supplement for best results. An example would be take multivitamin capsules and calcium-magnesium tablets. Another example would be taking specialized nutritional supplements for prostate, or for woman’s breasts, in addition to a multivitamin capsule. However, if this is not feasible, then, choose a multivitamin supplement that contains almost all the essential ingredients with the right doses.

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